Yolande of Aragon (1381–1442) Family and Power: The Reverse of the Tapestry

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Fearing the abusive power building behind the Duke of Burgundy, Louis II had Yolande move with her children and future son-in-law, Charles, to Provence in southern France. In the years and , the two oldest surviving sons of Charles VI of France died in quick succession: first Louis , then Jean. Both brothers had been in the care of the Duke of Burgundy.

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Yolande was the protectress of her son-in-law, Charles, who became the new Dauphin. She refused Queen Isabeau's orders to return Charles to the French Court, reportedly replying, "We have not nurtured and cherished this one for you to make him die like his brothers or to go mad like his father, or to become English like you. I keep him for my own.

Come and take him away, if you dare. She acted as regent for her son because of his youth.

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She also had the fate of the French royal house of Valois in her hands. With his mother, Queen Isabeau, and the Duke of Burgundy allied with the English, Charles had no resources to support him other than those of the House of Anjou and the smaller House of Armagnac. The treaty designated Henry as "Regent of France" and heir to the French throne. Following this, the Dauphin Charles was declared disinherited in Charles' title was challenged by the English and their Burgundian allies, who supported the candidacy of Henry VI of England , the infant son of Henry V and Catherine of Valois , Charles' own sister, as king of France.

In this struggle, Yolande played a prominent role in surrounding the young Valois king with advisers and servants associated with the House of Anjou. She manoeuvred John VI, Duke of Brittany , into breaking an alliance with the English, and was responsible for a soldier from the Breton ducal family, Arthur de Richemont , becoming Constable of France in Yolande's early and strong support of Joan of Arc, when others had doubts, suggests her possible larger role in orchestrating Joan's appearance on the scene.

Yolande unquestionably practised realistic politics. Yolande was not averse to recruiting beautiful women and coaching them to become the mistresses of influential men who would spy on them on her behalf.

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She had a network of such women in the courts of Lorraine, Burgundy, Brittany, and her son-in-law. The contemporary chronicler Jean Juvenal des Ursins —44 , Bishop of Beauvais , described Yolande as "the prettiest woman in the kingdom. Yolande retired to Angers and then to Saumur. She continued to play a role in politics. When the bishopric in Angers fell vacant, she threatened Charles VII's candidate with beheading if he showed up in the city. The king backed down and the post went to her secretary.

At least from onwards, her granddaughter Margaret of Anjou came to live with her. Yolande taught her not only etiquette and literature, but also how to check account books. She received his ambassadors in Samur and presented her granddaughter to them.

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She was betrothed in to Louis, the heir of Anjou who had one year earlier succeeded in conquering Naples and become King Ludovico II of Naples , and married him on 2 December at Montpellier. Their children were:.

Yolande d'Aragon Queen, consort of Louis II, King of Naples -1442

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Queen Consort of Naples. For other uses, see Yolande of Aragon disambiguation. Louis II of Anjou m. This section does not cite any sources.

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May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Ancestors of Yolande of Aragon 8. Alfonso IV, King of Aragon 4. Peter IV, King of Aragon 9. John I, King of Aragon Peter II, King of Sicily 5. Eleanor of Sicily Elisabeth of Carinthia 1. Yolande of Aragon Henry IV, Count of Bar 6.

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  8. Robert I, Duke of Bar Yolande of Flanders 3. Violant of Bar John II, King of France 7. Marie of Valois Bonne of Luxembourg. However, for an historian, Rohr has done her research and lays out what she found in the sources giving us what little is known about Yolande and her interpretation of her life. A conventional biography on this pivotal personality in Angevin and French history has yet to be written.

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